Wirepas Wirepas Blog Looking back at Embedded World 2019

March 6, 2019

Looking back at Embedded World 2019

By Sami Kaislasuo

This year was the first time Wirepas attended the Embedded with its own booth. So, there was a lot of excitement and work done before the show as we had prepared well for the show during the months leading to the event. It was great to see the evolution compared to previous years. Industrial IoT was everywhere and moving from “maker” solutions for experimentation to real products for customer deployment.

We made two important announcements at the show, welcoming SolidRun’s SolidSense gateways to our ecosystem and announcing our new end to end reference architecture and first implementation of that in new EVKs. Both news items were also supported with demonstrations at the show, and they received a good amount of interest. Additionally, to the demonstrations we had over 20 ecosystem partner devices on display and those devices inspired lot of discussions about the ecosystem and the different roles of the companies when building solutions and end-products.

Wirepas was also visible at multiple partner booths with including Fujitsu, SysTEC and SolidRun showing their solutions with Wirepas integrated. In addition to those, the discussions at Nordic Semiconductors, U-blox, Silicon Labs and alike inspired people to visit our booth. We referenced people to our partners and our partners did the same in many occasions, so for us the show was a great display of how the ecosystem is working.

There was also good amount of visibility in the social media created to by us and partners. We were referenced multiple times, and there we several videos captured during the event mentioning Wirepas. Here are a few highlights:

The show is all about embedded components and solutions be it for automotive, industrial, commercial or home segments. I believe it is safe to say that IoT is still one of the biggest things in the industry and was strongly present at the show, but things like edge computing, AI are gaining a lot of booth space. Gradually it seems that the IoT is going beyond just the buzz word and starting shift to real world solutions and great collaborations. That said, there were plenty of demonstrations built with evaluation platforms with technology focus, and although important and needed, there is need to parallelly show those technologies in real-world products to the next leap towards the promise of IoT.

Embedded World is a great show for visitors looking to build their own solutions based on various SW and HW components. Semiconductor and RF module companies shine with their big booths flashy demoes. Climbing higher in the integration chain there are sea of devices to choose from for various use cases, like gateways, sensor devices and devices aimed to more specific uses. System integrators offer their services and an IoT company looking to move an idea to production would without a doubt find everything needed from Embedded World. The event has really proven its place in the world of trade shows.

I think it will be safe to say that see you next year Nuremberg and Embedded World 2020. It will be hard to top this year, but for sure we will strive to make it even bigger success. Thanks to everybody visiting our booth and our partners’ booths and making this a successful show!