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July 20, 2018

Wirepas around the world!

By Wirepas

Wirepas has offices and employees around the world including Finland, Australia, France, Germany, India, South Korea, the UK and the United States. Being apart of a global company is great, but as a downside we rarely get to see each other. However, we got a chance to do it in the end of June!

A few weeks ago the entire company got together in Tampere, Finland to enjoy the "Wirepas Summer Day" at a beautiful cottage. We started the day with some internal briefings and then the day continued with a culture workshop. The workshop included some fun team building activities and exercises!

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-20 at 15.07.13

Putting the team on your back! 

After the fun day together, we all were given a Wirepas- water bottle to keep us hydrated during the hot summer! The water bottles ended up being a huge hit amongst the company, and here is the proof!

The bottles have travelled with our staff on their summer vacations around the globe. Below are some pictures our people have sent in our Slack-group:


Wirepas bottle on a hike with Ari Siuvatti from the R&D team.



Alan Sillito from Sales took the bottle with him to his vacation in Scotland.


Image from iOS (1)

Richard Kinder from Product Marketing kept himself hydrated while working from home in England.

The team at Wirepas represent the company while at work, but also on vacation! If that's not team spirit, I don't know what is.