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December 18, 2018

Scale changes a lot – if not everything

By Jani Vehkalahti

When the solution, product or wireless technology works, you don’t even notice it. But when it doesn’t work, you will notice and - it drives you nuts.

When we meet customers and partners to discuss new IoT deployments, one of the questions we always ask is, “How many devices are you looking to connect?”. This is important because the scale affects not only the choice of connectivity technology, but also the choice of hardware. For any large-scale IoT deployment it is important that all the parts of the system have been designed for the requirements of scale, among other requirements.

For us as a connectivity technology provider it is important that we have hardware partners in our ecosystem that can deliver for different use cases and requirements. There are not too many companies in the world manufacturing over 100 million electronic devices annually. Salcomp is one of them. They manufacture 300 million mobile phone chargers every year, so they know a thing or two about volume and the requirements set by it. Most likely, you have at home more than two chargers manufactured by them, even if the brand on the product is not Salcomp.

What then are the characteristics of a high-quality volume product? There are of course many, but on a general level, it has been designed to last and handle various types of conditions. During the product development it has gone through:

- 30 000 Volt ESD test

- Drop and vibration tests

- UV light test

- Salt water spray test

- Flammability test

- 8 weeks reliability testing from -30 to +60 Celsius

- Chemical resistance test

Wirepas Mesh is built to last in harsh conditions and manage the scale. During the product development it has gone through similar extreme testing as the chargers by Salcomp. Wirepas is not only developing the world’s most advanced mesh connectivity, but it is also building the industry’s most versatile and capable partner ecosystem. We are proud to announce Salcomp as our licensee. They are an important addition when end users need high quality and massive scale with a white label product.