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December 20, 2018

The Protocol of Christmas

By Sebastian Linko

We at Wirepas are focused on developing and offering the most versatile and adaptive protocol for radio communications. A protocol defines how the radio devices act in any given situation – listen before talking, only use the necessary volume etc. It is a decentralized protocol which means that every single radio does the decisions locally and autonomously, but always deterministically with the benefit of the whole network in mind. The protocol has the desired outcomes and a set of rules for the individuals which are built to yield the desired outcomes – in Wirepas Mesh these outcomes are scalability, energy efficiency, density, reliability and flexibility to name a few.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about protocols and algorithms in a different, non-technological, aspect. During this year, we at Wirepas have been defining our company culture. Interestingly, a company culture, or in fact any culture can be seen as a protocol that has its desired outcomes and a set of behaviours that are believed to lead us to those outcomes – a cultural protocol that is defined and designed for a purpose.

Because we have the holiday season ahead of us, I want to create my own personal protocol for Christmas.

My personal Purpose for Christmas: A Connected Human Being

  • If you feel like taking a nap, take one.
  • If you feel like sleeping in, sleep in.
  • Don’t work
  • Spend time outdoors, or indoors if you feel like it (and if the weather is bad)
  • Spend time with your family and loved ones – really listen to what they have to say.

  • Be offline. Find meaning rather near and inside yourself than from the same quotes from Steve Jobs and Sir Richard Branson that have been on your LinkedIn feed every day for a couple years.

  • Read a lot – find meaning instead of data points.

  • Respect the Christmas protocols of others – near or far.
  • Respect the fact that not everything needs to, can or should be simplified to protocols and algorithms. Just be.


That’s pretty much my Christmas protocol. I left the eating and presents out with purpose because I think they are given. I wish you all a Connected Holiday Season and a Smart New Year – whatever your protocol is.

Best Regards,

Sebastian Linko